Autumn Contemplations

We are well and truly into Autumn now. The leaves on the trees are all turning into their delightful hues of yellows, coppers, reds and golds.  The breezes that stir up are gently shaking those leaves from the trees and making them fall like confetti to the ground below.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, but this year I can’t help feeling a little cheated.  Autumn has arrived but what happened to Summer?  Did I blink and miss it?  I have a memory that there was a Summery week in May and two to three Summer days in September.  Apart from that it seems to have rained from spring through to Autumn.  Oh! Yes, the weather managed to be just perfect for the Olympics in a not so typical English Summer, which was quite welcome.  The whole occasion including the weather gave visitors to England and natives a reason to celebrate in style, especially as it had been shortly preceded by the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

I am sure the Shropshire gardens enjoyed the rain after last year’s drought.  ‘My Oak Tree’ seems to have grown quite considerably this year. Myself I am not much of a sun worshiper and I struggle when it gets too hot but I would have liked a few more gaps in between the continuous deluge of rain if only so that I could visit some of those gardens that I so love.

As Autumn arrives the rain still doesn’t seem to have let up.  At times it seems like someone has turned a tap on and there is a continuous downpour for hours.  Apart from the colour of leaves on the trees the only thing that has differentiated Summer from Autumn is the distinct drop in temperature, especially a night.  Seeing the beautiful vibrant colours of the Autumn leaves makes up for the Summer rain.

Let’s hope the weather has a change of heart before the Winter months, we certainly wouldn’t want that level of deluge falling as snow…