Rest a While With Me

I don’t know if it is just me but time seems to be speeding up and rushing by.  Each year seems to go by faster than the previous one and I seem to make fewer achievements for this passing of time.  I have too many tasks and too many demands, but not enough time for them all.

The phone rings at any time of day or night, interrupting my thoughts and slowing me down whilst the time still flashes by.  Other peoples schedules encroach and my plans get disjointed and out of kilter.  I always seem to be waiting for something or someone which leaves no time to plan or think clearly.  Too many things to take care of and not enough time to do all those things.

To make time slow down, I take time out, step out of life and time.  I visit a garden, soak up some history, or walk by a river or through the woods; always with camera in hand; you never know when the perfect photo opportunity might show up.

Along the way I look for the perfect bench so that I can take time to sit and rest a while, stepping out from the humdrum and escaping for a while.  I sit amongst nature and think, reflect, plan, stargaze, dream and reminisce.  In this place where time slows down I forget about the day-to-day hustle and bustle and contemplate the wonders of nature and my place within it.  I watch and listen and tune back in, once again at peace with my place in the world.

I invite you to sit and rest a while with me…

But before you sit down, please remember to turn your mobile phone off; we don’t want to be disturbed from our reveries.